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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I'm home now. Only after four months out in the mission field and now I am home. Why? The only way anyone can complete a mission is if they have the Holy Ghost with them. As I was out in the field I didn't have it. I was trying to complete my mission but that was the problem. It wasn't my mission, I was on a mission for the Lord. On my mission I didn't take any notice to how much the spirit affects the work, but It is everything.
While preparing for my mission I did everything that I could to get ready to leave home for two years, but there were a few things that I overlooked. Thats why I am home now. Thats why I have to start getting ready to leave on a mission all over again. This post doesn't have any spiritual doctrine in it, or anything about the church, this post is just me. I am so sad that I am home. I loved my mission and I can't wait for the day when I can get back out there. Please if any of you have any questions just let me know. Comment on the post and ask any question you want to. I am going to continue my blog while talking about my everyday life and how the gospel has been able to help me while not in a missionary setting. I hope that my blog helps you out in any way and if there is anything that you would like me to write about just comment and I will do my best, I'm not perfect by any means. No one is, but with Christ's help we can all work towards perfection.


  1. Elder Martin: You are the man. I think the world of you. I am glad that you are taking care of what you need to in order to serve to your fullest potential. I hope everything goes well for you as you prepare yourself to enter the mission field again. I love you man and hope everything is going well for you.

  2. Elder Martin I love you! You're amazing! Don't ever forget that! Keep up th amazing work! I can promise you you are on the right path now and when you are back out here youll do mighty miracles with the spirit to help! If there is ever anything you want from me just ask... any help anything just remember I've been there. Love you man!

  3. Hey Davis, you're actions prove that you are more of a man than most dudes I've encountered in my life. You're obviously as stubborn and principle driven as your dad; which means you're gonna do great in life. Keep marching to your own drum!

  4. Dear Elder, I stumbled across your blog this evening as I was preparing a Relief Society lesson. I just wanted to let you know that I admire you and I hope that two years later, you have found your way back to the mission field and that you are well......